Class 1


Caterpillars? Where have they gone?

Thursday 26th March 2020

The caterpillars have all now turned into a chrysalis. They will be moving into the large net home now so that they can emerge as butterflies…keep watching!!




As we left school last week, the caterpillars were all very busy spinning and learning how to make silk. Look now! Today is Monday 23rd March. There are some caterpillars that are already hanging! They will soon be ready for their new home. When they have all turned into a cocoon, we can move them carefully so that they have a home large enough for them to become butterflies. Keep watching!

Bean Day 24 

23.03.20 So, I replanted my bean over the weekend and it seems to really have enjoyed spreading out! My bean now measures 24cm. I hope yours are doing well? I hope I have sent you a photo of my bean. Try clicking on the “Bean Day 24” title…fingers crossed!


Yesterday, Class 1 had a fabulous visit to Brooksby College to see the lambing. We had such fun hunting for moles, badger holes and squirrels on our trek up to the farm. When we arrived, we tiptoed through the barns to see “The Three Little Pigs”, lambs (of which some of us saw one born!) and cows with their calves! Thank you to Farmers Rose and Carol for making it so special!

Class 1 are looking forward to another fun-filled half term entitled “Will you read me a story?”  with an added visit to Brooksby College to see the lambing. We will start off the topic dressing as our favourite traditional story characters and having a Wow Day!

Will you read me a story?Will you read me a story?

Welcome to the magical world of fairy tales! Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? Let’s find out more about our favourite stories, and discover some new ones.
This half term,  at school, we’ll play imaginatively with a model castle and small world characters. We’ll look at different character types, and decide whether our favourite characters are ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’! Using different materials and shapes, we’ll build castles and bridges. We’ll read lots of stories and look at the ingredients that go into a fantastic fairy tale. We’ll be brave explorers and hunt for missing items from fairy tales. Reading The Elves and the Shoemaker will encourage us to be busy elves and decorate shoes in our workshop. Contemporary versions of fairy tales will inspire us to write stories, and we’ll create story maps to retell familiar tales. Our mathematical skills will help us to count the buttons on gingerbread men, and estimate how many beans Jack has got! After reading The Enormous Turnip, we’ll plant seeds and learn how to care for them. We’ll also test the right materials to make a bed for a princess, and houses for the Three Little Pigs.
At the end of the project, we’ll look back at photographs of our amazing experiences.

Splendid Skies!

Let’s put on our coats, pop up our brollies and investigate the weather.
This half term, we’ll take a walk outdoors to find out about different types of weather and to look for signs of the seasons.
We’ll study TV weather reports, make weather symbols and learn about the life and work of Sir Francis Beaufort. Creative opportunities will allow us to explore weather in works of art, make season trees and create seasonal music! We’ll compose weather poems and write postcards describing the weather in different places. Our thinking skills will come in handy when we experiment with thermometers, investigate the effects of the Sun and compare weather around the world.
When we are weather experts, we will share our knowledge with you. We will record and broadcast weather reports, perform weather songs and music and describe our ideal holiday destinations.