Class 3

Mighty Metals

You’re an engineer, a scientist, a maker of men (iron men, of course). This term you will explore the scientific world of forces and magnetism, metals and materials. You will expand your mind as you test and trial, build and move.

Which force is at play as you slide down a slide or swing on a swing? Can you explain why magnets repel and attract? Can you make a penny look shiny and new or build a steel band from pots and pans?

Then, meet Hogarth the Iron Man’s companion. The Iron Man wants a friend. Can you build him one? You must make him strong, sturdy and ready to rumble! If you were a metal, which one would you be? Gold, a shimmering, precious and costly mineral? Or steel, that strong and useful alloy? Maybe you’re iron, malleable and easy to shape, but ready to rust! Maybe you’re not a metal at all – but a force to be reckoned with!

Have fun and enjoy!

The Storming Normans!

Class 3 will be studying the Norman conquest this term, understanding why William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066.

We hope to be going on a class visit to Lincoln Castle too so be prepared to dress to impress and have a feast just as the Normans did 1000 years ago!

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