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Class 5 Introduction

Welcome to Class 5, where we enjoy doing fun and interesting activities, like making flapjacks, doing banana art and many other different things! With our teacher, Mr Bryan, we do hard problems in Maths and write amazing pieces of work in English. We enjoy reading in Class 5, so we do something called ‘Spotlight Reader’, where a pupil talks about a book they are currently reading or have already read, and why they picked that book, as well as what they like and dislike about the book. At the end, the pupil is asked several questions by other classmates. As well as English and Maths, we do Science, Art and Topic. At the moment, we are looking at Alchemy Island –  a magical island you can only access via portal. We have a beautiful wall to showcase what an alchemist’s room looks like, made by the creative children of Class 5. In Class 5, we enjoy doing sports, as well as Show And Tell, where children get the opportunity to show an achievement or something they wanted others to see. We hope you enjoy viewing what we get up to! By HH (Class 5 Web Worm).

In class 5 we always make time to celebrate our hobbies, interests and successes outside of school. Last week CA inspired us with her archaeological finds. Whereas, HS, treated us to a personal visit from Frodo, her Argentinian horned toad. Both incredibly different but equally entertaining and education. Thanks for sharing girls.


Parents of Class 5,

This week I will be holding ‘Parents Meetings’ phone calls, over three days, across three different time slots. I will try to make the meeting as informative as possible however, please bear in mind, some things are difficult to discuss without the use of books and other visuals. I have already arranged many meetings with parents through ‘Remind’ but know some of you are not signed up yet. Please see the time slots below and email me indicating which would be most suitable. I will reply with a specific time that I will call you at, following this, I will need you to send me your preferred contact number.

Once again, thanks for your cooperation and support

Mr. Bryan

Dates and time slots:

Wednesday 1st, 1-3 pm

Thursday 2nd, 5-7 pm

Friday 3rd, 1-3 pm


Welcome Class 5 pupils and parents! I know most of you have already been accessing the below resources to support learning at home. At the moment we are providing the following resources (see below) until Easter break, after which time the format and method of these materials may change. There are now many online resources that are free whilst social distancing is in place. I will compile a list of links below that may be worth taking a look at for additional/varied learning opportunities. Thank you for your continued support.


COMPUTING: This week try some home ‘computing’ with this great free online programme:

Maths: NUMBOTS FREE! Use your TT Rockstars login to play online

Try out Numbots, for an alternative to TT Rockstars. There are two modes to choose from: one encourages speed/fluency and the other offers varying challenges. Please see the letter below and click on the link to visit the Numbots homepage.

NumBots Parent Letter

School Closure Class 5 Maths Materials

Below you will find printable/downloadable maths resources. For each objective there is a powerpoint – 3 levels of differentiated independent activities (deep, deeper, deepest – pupils know this well). Pupils/parents should work through the PPT making notes and learning from the steps shown – it will get progressively harder as it advances (stop and start the independent work if it becomes too challenging). Once the independent work is completed self/parent mark and purple polish.

Additionally, there are a number of arithmetic tests, which for many will be great revision or will help to improve speed/accuracy. Complete a test (timed 30mins for Y6 pupils) – mark it using the answers, finally look up any errors on the internet for guidance. Kahn academy has tutorials on every aspect of arithmetic imaginable.

Any difficulties, challenges or queries please email me (once set up) and I will endeavour to get back to you promptly. Enjoy!

PowerPoint Volume Of A Cuboid

Horizontal Format Volume Of A Cuboid

Answers Volume Of A Cuboid

Knowledge Organiser Perimeter Area And Volume

Knowledge Organiser Perimeter Area And Volume

PowerPoint Area Of A Triangle (2)

Horizontal Format Area Of A Triangle (2)

Answers Area Of A Triangle (2)

PowerPoint Area Of A Triangle (3)

Horizontal Format Area Of A Triangle (3)

Answers Area Of A Triangle (3)

KS2 SATs Maths Practice Paper 3 Reasoning (Pack 2)

KS2 SATs Maths Practice Paper 2 Reasoning (Pack 2)

KS2 SATs Maths Practice Paper 1 Arithmetic (Pack 2)

KS2 SATs Practice Paper 3 Reasoning (Pack 1)

KS2 SATs Practice Paper 2 Reasoning(Pack 2)

KS2 SATs Practice Paper 1 Arithmetic (Pack 1)

Year 5 Materials

PowerPoint Measure Perimeter

Horizontal Format Measure Perimeter

Answers Measure Perimeter

Horizontal Format Area Of Rectangles

Answers Area Of Rectangles

PowerPoint Area Of Irregular Shapes

Horizontal Format Area Of Irregular Shapes

Answers Area Of Irregular Shapes

PowerPoint Area Of Compound Shapes

Horizontal Format Area Of Compound Shapes

Answers Area Of Compound Shapes

Perimeter And Area Help Mat

‘History in the making’ (Writing activity)

Samuel Pepys and Anne Frank both lived through major events in history. We know their names because Samuel Pepys kept a detailed diary documenting what happened during the great fire of London. Anne Frank, as a Jewish fugitive from the Nazis, kept a diary of her experiences and thoughts throughout the second world war.

Amazingly, we are living through another major event in history – an event that will never be forgotten.

Keep a diary of your thoughts and experiences through these unprecedented times.

You could keep a dedicated diary of these events writing a lot or a little every day, depending on what has happened.

You should occasionally write an entry if it has been an unusual day (for good or bad).

You must write at least one diary entry of a significant day(s).

Keep the entries to yourself or if you are particularly proud, scan, photograph and upload a page onto ‘Remind’ and I will offer some feedback.

Good luck and enjoy!

*If you are not on remind, then email me and I will send you an invite

School Closure English Reading Activities 

Please continue your love of reading whilst away from school. Read reguraly and to an adult where possible. Adults, you could ask questions about what has been read to check comprehension: I will include some common question stems below. Another fun way pupils can enagage with their stories is to complete one of the ‘Reading Journal Activities’ below. Keep them in a book, ticking them off as completed.

Reading Journal Activities

Artificial vs natural selection (Topic/English)

If you like dogs, then you are going to love this! If you don’t…sorry.

We have looked at natural selection, now it’s time to take a look at artificial selection. Dogs are but one obvious artificially bred species of animal, but there are many examples of artificial selection. Did you know that sprouts used to taste much worse than now (yes worse!), they were much more bitter. Due to them being so bitter and quite frankly disgusting, scientists stepped in. Over the years sprouts have been artificially bred so that they taste sweeter. You may still hate them and disagree but it happened.

Activity 1: Firstly, read the artificial vs natural selection PDF file. Then see if you can match the two parents to each of the artificially bred dog species. If you have a printer this activity would be better done by printing then cutting out all of the dogs.

Activity 2: Select something that has been artificially bred and find out all about it. The Who, what, when, where, why and how. You may present this in any way you choose: PowerPoint, a poster, fact file, formal write. The aim is to learn about artificial breeding so as long as you do and your work reflects this you have met the LO.

Good luck and enjoy!

Artificial Vs Natural Selection

2014 Darwin Crossbred Dogs

2014 Darwin  Parent Dogs

School Closure ‘Darwin’s Delight’ Topic work

Until Easter my aim is to continue with our wonderfully interesting topic: ‘Darwin’s Delight’. Many of the most exciting lessons I had planned unfortunately involve equipment and materials I couldn’t expect you to resource yourselves. Despite this, I will be uploading some activities that will hopefully engage, whilst also hitting wider curriculum objectives. Enjoy!

The Galapagos 

A set of islands – a fantastic series created by the BBC

The link below should take you to the first episode of the series. This episode will form the basis for a variety of activities.

(The resolution of this episode is not great, If you can watch it anywere else (Prime, Netfilx etc) then please do)

Before watching it the first time have a note pad (or anything to write on) ready and split your page into quarters. Head each quarter with the following headings: landscape, animals, adaptations and interesting facts. WATCH the video, making notes under each section. What is the landscape like? Environment? Terrain? Vegetation. What different species of animals are discussed and how are they specifically adapted to thrive in their environment. What other new, interesting facts can you unearth?

Activity 2 

Get creative – illustrate an animal in its environment. Exercise your creative freedom! If all you have at home is a pencil, then you could sketch a scene. If you have paints, paint…if you are lucky enough to have clay then sculpt.  Essentially, using whatever you can get your hands on create a still scene of a Galapagos animal in its natural habitat. I will find a way for you to share pictures of these wonderful creations online somehow (possibly twitter).