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Welcome To Class 5's Web Page

Welcome to class 5’s page. We are made up of 22 year 6 pupils and 6 year 5 pupils. Our teacher Mr. Bryan encourages us to work hard and achieve all that we can, whilst having fun at the same time. Thankfully we are supported by the wonderful Mrs. Harrison (our TA), who helps us whenever it gets too challenging.

We’re going on a magical journey to find the gold hidden somewhere on Alchemy Island This half term, a mysterious visitor will arrive to present us with artefacts from the island. Reading stories set in fantasy worlds will inspire our story openings. We’ll manipulate digital photographs, adding fantastical special effects. Our geography skills will improve as we look closely at maps of Alchemy Island, plotting routes and using coordinates. We’ll examine samples from the island, explore the properties of materials and experiment with changes of state. If we’re going to find gold, we’d better find out all about it! In English we’ll write soliloquies and poems inspired by the island’s magical powers and dramatic landscape. The coding programme Scratch will help us to plot and correct errors in our route, and we’ll use technology to create beautiful digital images. We’ll compose raps and use sound effects and mood music to reflect the atmosphere on Alchemy Island.

In class 5 we always make time to celebrate our hobbies, interests and successes outside of school. Last week CA inspired us with her archaeological finds. Whereas, HS, treated us to a personal visit from Frodo, her Argentinian horned toad. Both incredibly different but equally entertaining and education. Thanks for sharing girls.

Maths Homework 24.1.20

Thought we would have a bit of a change this week. Please click on the link below and play the interactive game. Start at level 1 and see if you can make it to level 5. Write out the most challenging completed grid and bring it to school in your homweork folder.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr. Bryan

Great Dalby Primary School