Class 2

Welcome to the Summer 2 Home Learning page!

Our new topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers which means we’ll be learning all about pets and zoo animals.  We’ll consider your favourites, how they move, eat, sleep and how to care for them.  We’ll also learn about food chains and lots, lots more!
Similar to last term, we’ll upload all the resources you need to this page.  We will also continue to provide supportive videos on our YouTube channel.  We’ve found that the children who’ve got the most from the materials we’ve provided have been able to establish a routine with their learning; mainly working in the mornings, followed by a topic web learning activity in the afternoon (where possible).  Our aim has been to provide a sense of familiarity to the children, a sense of still being a team , even though we’re apart!  The images that you’ve provided have allowed us to keep in touch and share in the learning process.  The Year 1s who attend school next week, will  follow the same topic tasks as home learners so if we all launch the topic this week, we’ll be on track for an exciting end to the term!
As ever, we understand that home educating isn’t always easy and would like to remind you that we will do everything we can to support you in this process and can be contacted in the usual ways if you need any advice or support.
Take care and all the very best,
Mrs Ward and Mrs Corner xxx

Summer Term 2 Week 1



Year 1
Year 2



Year 1
Year 2


Animal Art 1

Animal Art 2

Animal Art 3

Animal Art 4

Week 5

Hello everyone!

This week is our ‘Innovate’ week so the learning might look a little bit different to the past 4 weeks. This week is a chance for you to show me and your grown-ups how much you have learnt so far! I will post a video on our YouTube channel explaining a little bit more about what you need to do but below you will find this week’s Topic Web, your maths work and your spellings.

Keep up your excellent learning, I look forward to seeing the pictures of your work this week.

Take care,

Mrs Ward x

Topic Web Week 5


Year 1

Year 1 Minibeasts Maths Booklet

Lesson 1 Compare Lengths And Heights

Lesson 2 Measure Length

Lesson 3 Measure Length

Lesson 4 Introduce Weight And Mass

Lesson 1 Answers Compare Lengths And Heights

Lesson 2 Answers Measure Length

Lesson 3 Answers Measure Length

Lesson 4 Answers Introduce Weight And Mass

Year 2

Lesson 1 Multiplication Sentences Using The X Symbol

Lesson 2 Use Arrays

Lesson 3 The 2 Times Table

Lesson 4 The 5 Times Table

Lesson 1 Answers Multiplication Sentences Using The X Symbol

Lesson 2 Answers Use Arrays

Lesson 3 Answers The 2 Times Table

Lesson 4 Answers The 5 Times Table


Year 1

Year 1 Week 5 Presentation

Year 1 Week 5 Word Lists

Year 1 Week 5 Word Search

Year 2

Year 2 Week 5 Powerpoint

Year 2 Week 5 Word Lists

Year 2 Week 5 Word Search

Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of Home Learning! I am so proud of how well you are all getting on at home and the work that you are sending to me is wonderful. Below, you will find this week’s learning. Maths is going be slightly different from now on but you will find an explanation about that underneath.

As always, do what you can! Each day is different, some days are more productive than others and I fully understand that. If you have any questions, you know where I am.

Mrs Ward x

IMPORTANT Change to Maths

As you are all aware, we have been using ‘White Rose Maths’ materials for the vast majority of the maths homeschooling provision. As of Monday 11th May, WRM are stopping the free access to the independent worksheets. So what does this mean? You will still be able to access the resources because we already subscribe to WRM, but there’s just a small change in where you will find themStill go onto the WRM page as normal and watch the video, this will remain free and accessible to all. Then instead of downloading the activity by clicking next to the video, visit your classes home learning page, where your teacher will have uploaded the resources for you, and download the day’s activity free from there. You do not need to acces the Bitesize videos as we have the resources for you.
Mr Bryan

Welcome to the Class 2 Home Learning page.

I will be uploading new activities to this page each week so keep an eye out for what’s going on. I have emailed you a letter which explains how everything is going to work but if you need any help, please ask! You can also find a copy of the letter, below.

Our new topic for this half-term is Wriggle and Crawl so we will be finding out all about Mini-beasts.

Please just do what you can – Good Luck!

Mrs Ward x

Have a look at what is being uploaded to this page but remember, don’t start any work until Monday 20th April!

Summer Term 1

Read Me First Class 2!  – Information letter

Week 3 Topic Web

Week 1 & 2 Topic Web

Minibeasts Information



English Week 3

Comprehension – Life-cycle of a butterfly

English Week 2

Reading Comprehension – Minibeasts

English Week 1

Reading Books


Some extra Year 1 activities whilst Year 2s are using Times Tables Rockstars –

Bees Halving

Caterpillar Doubling

Ladybird Doubles To 10

Ladybird Doubles To 20

Ladybird Halving To 20

Number Bonds To 100 Dominoes

Number Bonds To 10 Booklet

Multiples Of 2 5 And 10 Challenge Cards

Mastery Maths Counting In Multiples 2 5 10


Baby And Adult Activity

Baby And Adult Answers


Moving Snails Investigation

How To Make A Wormery

How To Make An Ant Farm

How To Care For A Garden Snail


Sketch Map Of A Minibeast Hunt


Computing Vocabulary

Art & DT

Minibeast Illustrations


Year 1 Week 1

Year 1 Week 1 Presentation

Year 1 Week 1 Words

Year 1 Week 1 Activity

Year 1 Week 2

Year 1 Week 2 Presentation

Year 1 Week 2 Words

Year 1 Week 2 Handwriting Practise

Year 1 Week 3

Year 1 Week 3 Presentation

Year 1 Week 3 Words

Year 1 Week 3 Activity Sheet

Year 2 Week 1

Year 2 Week 1 Presentation

Year 2 Week 1 Words

Year 2 Week 1 Word Search

Year 2 Week 2

Year 2 Week 2 Presentation

Year 2 Week 2 Words

Year 2 Week 2 Handwriting Practise

Year 2 Week 3

Year 2 Week 3 Presentation

Year 2 Week 3 Words

Year 2 Week 3 Activity Sheet

VE Day celebrations

This week (w/b/ 4th May) in school, we would have been celebrating VE 75 and Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday to remember VE Day.

Below, you will find some information about VE Day and some activities if you would like to have a go at any of them.

VE Day Powerpoint

VE Day Information

Design a VE Day Medal

Design Your Own Teacup

Make Your Own Bunting

Make your own Spitfire