Class 5

Emergency Work for Eagles

Well I didn’t expect us to be off again so soon, hopefully only for a couple of days.

It will be difficult for you to carry on with some of the work I had planned for you in school but there are elements we can do.

  1. Theme Park Project – Brochure preparation
    1. Most of you have finished your budget and map; the next step is the brochure. Before we can make this you need to develop a logo for your theme park along with your park name.
    2. Make a list of your rides
    3. Select 2-3 rides as your main attractions. What is unique about these rides? How are they themed? Even, sketch part or the full ride.
    4. Draw a visitors map for the park. The layout should roughly resemble your budget map but with a completely different purpose. It should be bold, colourful, creative, eye-catching, and exciting to read.

Example map:

Book Review

Complete a review of the book you have most enjoyed reading during lockdown. Please bring this into school to discuss, along with the book, on the day we return (hopefully Wednesday).

Book Review



Celebrating Week 3-4

A selection of images celebrating some of the fabulous learning going on in the homes/gardens of the lovely Class 5.

Allotment Fun!

Please have a go at this fantastic Allotment themed crossword, lovingly made by Mrs. Cobb. Avoid looking at the answers until completed.

Allotment Crossword

Welcome To Class 5’s Home Learning Page

Welcome members of class 5 and parents. Well done for all of the effort you put into home schooling prior to the Easter break. This is a challenging time for everyone at the moment which is why I am setting expectations and providing work but accept that not everyone will complete it. All I ask is that you try your best – every home schooling setup is different – do the best you can with who/what you have. On this page you will hopefully find all you need to keep growing your brains whilst at home.

We now embark on a new exciting topic: Allotment! Which as you can probably guess is all about Allotments, but oh so much more. Through this topic you will learn about growing, cooking, composting, being self sufficient, cultivation, land and much more. Also, lets not forget our exciting new class text, Hatchet, that we will be reading together each week…I can’t wait.

I will also be uploading a video for you to watch every Monday morning to set you off on your learning week. In this I will be celebrating work you have sent me and healing with any misconceptions.

It may not be as good as being in school but we owe it to ourselves to do the best we can, with what we have.

Best wishes

Mr. Bryan

START BY LOOKING AT THE GUIDE TIMETABLE and then watching the video on YouTube.

Class 5 Home Learning Guide Timetable

Week 2 Video


IMPORTANT Change to Maths

As you are all aware, we have been using ‘White Rose Maths’ materials for the vast majority of the maths homeschooling provision. As of Monday 11th May, WRM are stopping the free access to the independent worksheets. So what does this mean? You will still be able to access the resources because we already subscribe to WRM, but there’s just a small change in where you will find themStill go onto the WRM page as normal and watch the video, this will remain free and accessible to all. Then instead of downloading the activity by clicking next to the video, visit your classes home learning page, where your teacher will have uploaded the resources for you, and download the day’s activity free from there.

Maths – Summer 1


Every day there is a lesson video available for you to whatch provided by White Rose. We already follow the White Rose scheme of learning at Great Dalby, so this is ideal. The lessons are easy to find, free to access and all have video/audio tuition. Pupils can play the video, pausing and working along with the guidance. Allongside this video there is also an independent activity to complete. I will also place additional differentiated work linked with the objective if you require additional challenge or support.

9:00 – Watch White Rose maths video using a jotter to record working out and notes

9:30 – Move to independent application of learning (pick from the three levels)

9:50 – 10 minutes quick mark and purple polish

10:00 – Finish the maths lesson; take a well earned break

The White Rose Lesson Video Link:

Maths Assessment Materials

Here are a set of tests that you COULD use to assess all of the years objectives. Take the test – mark – purple polish – work on errors.

Stage 5 Test 1Stage 5 Test 2Stage 5 Test 3Stage 5 Test 1 MSStage 5 Test 2 MSStage 5 Test 3 MSStage 6 Test 1Stage 6 Test 2Stage 6 Test 3Stage 6 Test 1 MSStage 6 Test 2 MSStage 6 Test 3 MS

Disaster! I’ve just realised that all the English work has gone! I must have deleted it when trying to add the maths, how annoying. I will throw up the documents for now and add more tomorrow.


Please read the next three chapters 10-12 then answer the questions on chapter 11. The focus question this week is Q8.



Writing Week 4 – Mystery Story

Last week many of you wrote some excellent descriptions of ‘your secret garden’. You could use this setting in your mystery story if you wish. For this week’s write, I would like you to write a short mystery story. I’m not going to be too prescriptive with the features of this write, just consider the following:

  • Your story should be set in or include a garden/woods/plants
  • Use the story mountain to ensure it has the correct story structure
  • Mystery stories must have something to solve/find
  • A great mystery story will have a twist at the end (the obvious isn’t actually the answer but something else)

Here are some WOW words you may have heard of but maybe wouldn’t think to include them in your writing:

Enchanting – Adjective – delightfully charming or attractive

Dumbfounded – Verb – greatly astonish or amaze

Sombre – Adjective – dark or dull in tone or colour

Suspicious – Adjective – having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something

Courageous – Adjective – not deterred by danger or pain; brave

Disobedient – Adjective – refusing to obey rules or someone in authority

Scrutinise – Verb – examine or inspect closely and thoroughly

Acknowledge – Verb – recognize the importance or quality of

Spellings Summer 1

Please timatable in a spellings test once a week as you would have in a normal school week. My suggestion would be on a Thursday or Friday, giving you the week to practice. There is a PPT converted to PDF that you can use to learn the rules for each set.

Yr 6 Summer 1 Overview

Spelling Rule Y6 Wk 1

Year 6 Spelling Rules Summer 1 Week 2

Year 5 Summer Term 1 Overview

Spelling Rule Y5 Wk 1

Year 5 Spelling Rules Summer 1 Wk 2


Topic Web Summer  1: Week 1 & 2

Courtesy of  the wonderful Mrs. Allen, please see below topic webs for the next two weeks. These give you an overview of the learning activities for the week. As I know most of you have already being doing, treat each week day like a school day. Maths and English in the morning then widder curriculum (topic/other) in the afternoon. In the afternoon refer to the topic web and select an activity for the afternoon. You may complete it in one afternoon; you may be working on it for a few afternoons; the choice is yours. Enjoy!

Topic Webs Summer 1 Week 1 And 2

Week 1 Additional Resources & Links

2014 Allot Eng Pc Recycled Planters

2014 Allot Eng Pc Botanical Drawings (1)

Allotment Recipe Website

Composting Website

Week 2 Additional Resources & Links

How to make a home-made propagator

Eat Seasonably

Summer 1 Week 3 Web

Do as much or as little as you like. Feel free to go back to the webs from weeks 1 and 2 if there are elements you would prefer to do. Most of all enjoy it.

Week 3 Topic Web

Week 3 Supporting Resources

2014 Allot Dev Rec Fruity Flapjack

2014 Allot Dev Map Farming Regions Of The Uk

Week 4 Supporting Resources

2014 Allot Dev Dia Parts Of A Plant With Definitions

2014 Allot Dev Pc Georgia O Keeffe

Week 4 PDF

Summer 1 – Week 5 Topic Web

Week 5 supporting resources

Topic Web Week 5

Insect Art Art

Friend Or Foe Images

Branching Database

VE Day celebrations

This week (w/b/ 4th May) in school, we would have been celebrating VE 75 and Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday to remember VE Day.

Below, you will find some information about VE Day and some activities if you would like to have a go at any of them.

VE Day Powerpoint

VE Day Information

Design a VE Day Medal

Design Your Own Teacup

Make Your Own Bunting

Make your own Spitfire