Modern Foreign Language

In This Section

French is taught to all classes for 30 to 45 minutes each week by Mrs Harrison. Children are able to develop their French language skills as well as learning about French culture and traditions.

Younger children learn French words and phrases through songs, videos, games, stories and repetition. As the children progress through the school they learn how to say more complex sentences, including descriptions, opinions and reasons why. They will recognise sound spelling links, write simple, then more complex sentences and learn some basic grammar structures.

We have access to lots of French resources in school which allow children to listen to a range of native speakers and include interactive games to reinforce the new language being taught.

All KS2 children have a French folder where written work is kept. This stays with them and can be used as a reference. Children also have a language profile which is completed to show children’s achievements in the form of I can… statements.

We also have a long standing link with a primary school in France. We exchange cards, letters and videos and we find this is a fun way to practise our French and learn first hand about the similarities and differences between our two countries.

Great Dalby Primary School