Physical Education

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Physical Development is very important at Great Dalby School

We are a Gold School Sports School.
Physical Development (PD) plays a key role in the life of the children at Great Dalby. Every pupil is encouraged to take part and to enjoy the range of activities that take place.
PD is taught using the current National curriculum and every class has two hours of direct PD teaching each week.  Foundation Stage children also have access to PD activities through Continuous Provision activities in the classroom.
Using Sports Premium Funding for PD, this year we have employed Metcalf Sports to teach each class for an hour each week. Mr Hackett (who works for Metcalf Sports) is a qualified PD instructor and his sessions are used as CPD for teachers as well.
All of our pupils have access to swimming sessions for a term. We aim to ensure that all of our pupils can swim 25m before they leave us.


Our children take part in the Daily Mile every day to encourage physical activity.

Mr Hackett provides different Sports activities on a Monday and Friday lunchtime for all children to attend and runs a special ‘Golden Ticket’ sports activity on a Tuesday for selected children.

There are also a range of PD after-school clubs available to the children including; Multi-sports, Football, Netball, Dodgeball and Gymnastics.

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