Whitby 2018

10 May

What a fabulous final day of fun! We have been non-stop today, using compasses, orietneering, walking across the Moors and river dipping( plus the odd wet foot!). To finish off, we are celebrating a birthday, playing cricket, eating cake and no party is without a little glitter!! Perfect!

9 May

Good morning from Whitby!! All children have had a great nights sleep, a wholesome breakfast and ready for the day ahead!

What a credit the children have been! A very relaxed fish and chip lunch followed by an afternoon of rock-pooling and orienteering! Only smiles to be seen!

8 May

What a fabulous first day!! We’ve fought off the Anglo-Saxons, boiled water with a stone and made clay oil pots. We are now settling into Whitby. We will keep you all posted!

Great Dalby Primary School